There are a lot of design studio, design freelancer nowaday. a lot.

This resulted in a very tight rivalry and competition. Some will give more value for their customer to get business, some will cut down their design price to the ground. We all know that website are very important thing for a business today and everyone loves to buy cheap goods.

But beware of beeing fooled by the price.


Good things, came with their price tag. Choose your web designer wisely.

Bad, Bad, Bad Design

Good things, came with their price tag. Sometimes true, sometimes not. But mostly you will get what you pay. Save some bucks and get a bad web design, will lead you to a big regret.

Find a good one, not the cheap one.

Hidden Costs

Have you ever played today’s smartphone games? Most of them are good and the best thing are, they were free to download. However, you will stuck at some point and required to purchase something to help you finish the game. You can just not buy it, but you will need extra effort to finish your game (maybe you won’t finish it).

This case often happen in design sphere, which design studio or company will charge you for things that are not supposed to charged.

Too Much Expectation

It’s began with you show your designer about website A, B and C that you liked and they said they will make it for you, for a cheap price. Do you really know how much they invested to craft their amazing website? If you get yours as good as them with much lower price, that’s very good you (you’re lucky! :D).

But, never pissed off if you find your website doesn’t look as good and professional as your expectation.

Lack of Support

Support service are really important. Of course this doesn’t mean 24 Hours service like your favs hospital. Just make sure your web designer will wish to help when you need them. Because websites are such a complicated thing that can’t fixed only by hiring other designer.

Bad Ending

I frequently hear this (and all the points wrote above too) from past my clients (or almost became my client) and prospective clients, that they get/got cheaper website development price than mine. In the end, I also often hear bad stories about their project are not going well and end with hiring other designer and re-create their website. Another story, they said they loss their domain because it held and locked by their designer and end with buying other domain (and sometimes the can’t get their desired domain name).


There are many more horror stories that will be take light years to explain. Cheap one may good, but mostly it will make you to grab another bucks and ended spend more than you should. So, are you still think to get a cheapest one? For sure?

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Kusuma Hendra

A passionate website and graphic designer based in Bali. Living with enthusiasm to build a better internet and website for everyone.

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